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For international applicants (EN)


As a state university of applied sciences (HAW), we offer a wide and unique range of media courses. Apply for a professorship and make your profession a calling.

Basic recruitment requirements for professorial positions (§ 47 LHG Baden-Württemberg)


  • Completed university degree (Master's or Diplom). In the case of a degree acquired abroad, proof of its equivalence must be enclosed with your application.

  • Proof of special competence in scientific/academic work (doctorate or artistic achievement equivalent to a doctorate). In the case of a doctorate obtained abroad, proof of its equivalence must be enclosed. If no grade is shown on your doctoral certificate, a statement from the first assessor is required to confirm your grade is higher than “rite”.
    If you have previously worked in the artistic creative field and do not hold a doctorate, it is also possible to submit so called PhD adequate achievements in the creative field, such as prizes/awards (only possible if the advertised position is for an artistic professorship).

  • Pedagogical aptitude (experience in teaching or in vocational education and training).

  • Professional practice (at least 5 years of professional experience after obtaining the degree relevant to the professorship (Master's/Diplom), of which at least 3 years must have been spent outside of the higher education sector).

  • German language skills at level B2.

What documents do I need to apply?


  • To apply for a professorship at the HdM, we ask you to submit a letter of application, your CV, your Master's degree certificate, your doctoral certificate with overall grade (in english or german) or proof of your artistic achievements equivalent to a doctorate, as well as your references (e.g. proof of three years of professional experience outside of the higher education sector) or interim references. Please ensure, that the documents (CV and references) clearly state the duration of each employment and the percentage of time spent on each job (full/part time). If no overall grade is noted on the doctoral certificate, please enclose an additional document stating the grade.

  • If you obtained your degrees outside of Germany, please provide proof of their equivalence (e.g. Anabin database).

Selection and appointment process


  1. You apply for the advertised position and receive a confirmation of receipt.

  2. We will review and check your application documents based on formal requirements and the eligibility criteria for an appointment.

  3. Should you get shortlisted, you will be invited to give a public trial lecture followed by a non-public interview with the appointment panel.

  4. The appointment panel creates a preliminary list of the most suitable candidates with first, second and third candidate on the basis of the selection process outcomes.

  5. Further remarks and decisions by various bodies and committees follow.

  6. After an appointment decision has been made the professorship will be officially offered to the candidate by the Rector.

  7. If you are not on the preliminary nomination list, you will receive a notification stating the names of the shortlisted candidates.

  8. If you are ranked second or third, you will receive interim information about the process.

  9. After a written acceptance of the appointment offer, all other applicants will receive a written rejection notification.


In general, professors are appointed as civil servants. If the requirements under the civil service law are not met, an employment contract is concluded instead. The appointment procedure ends with the appointment or the conclusion of an employment contract.

The appointment process follows a strictly regulated procedure in order to select the most suitable candidate for the position. It can therefore take several months from the submission of the application to the final appointment or rejection.


Depending on the advertised professorship, you will be paid according to the pay grades W2 or W3 if you are a civil servant. If you have an employment contract, you will be paid according to the pay grades in line with W2 or W3. In addition, the pay grade W includes various types of supplementary allowances, should you meet certain requirements.


You can find the relevant pay scale tables here:

LBV pay scale tables for civil servants