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254044a Digitalität und Gesellschaft

Zuletzt geändert:25.09.2017 / Zöllner
Studiengänge: Medienmanagement (Master, Studienstart ab WS15/16), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Empirische Medienforschung in Semester 1
Häufigkeit: nur WS
Unternehmenskommunikation (Master, Studienstart ab WS15/16), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Empirische Medienforschung in Semester 1
Häufigkeit: nur WS
Dozent: Prof. Dr. Oliver Zöllner
Sprache: Englisch
Art: -
Umfang: 2 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 2
Workload: 2 SWS / 2 ECTS = 60 Zeitstunden
Beschreibung: #internet #social_media #society #culture #public_sphere #big_data #ethics
This seminar will look into the status of digital society, digital living, and issues that result from such processes of digitality. Participants will be observing what happens online (how we interact, how we display ourselves, how we maintain our privacy, how we shop, we we date, how we hate, how we rate, how we evaluate, etc.), will be reading articles, book chapters and books about the issues that are at stake (What does digitality do to us and to society?), and will be developing research questions of their own. The perspective of digital media ethics will play an important role in answering such questions: What is a flourishing life under the conditions of digitality?
To be able to answer this question, you will have to read at least *some* of the literature relevant to the field. Below please find a list for you to start dipping into discussions of digitality.
In the winter semester 2017/18 we will be investigating whether or how the everyday social practice of 'whatsapping' makes people happy. If this may sound underwhelming at first, think again. Whatsapping is at the heart of social relations among members of family, friends, workmates, acquaintances, and outlines how we deal with other people in digitality. This social practice may therefore contribute to our happy, flourishing lives, or perhaps not. Other digital practices are at stake here as well (e.g., facebooking, instagramming, tindering, etc.). This is where things really get 'complicated', and we'll research exactly that. Brace yourself for at least a dip into social theory, Aristotelian ethics, and of course applied social research methods.
English Title: Digitality and Society
English Abstract: In this seminar participants will acquaint themselves with relevant theories and current thinking on digital society, digital living and digitality in general, and will learn to develop critical perspectives.
#internet #social_media #society #culture
Literatur: Castells, Manuel (2010): The rise of the network society (= The information age: Economy, society, and culture, Vol. I). 2nd ed. with a new preface. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.
Ess, Charles (2014): Digital media ethics. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Malden: Polity Press.
Floridi, Luciano (2014): The 4th revolution: How the infosphere is shaping human reality. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Gardner, Howard; Davis, Katie (2013): The App Generation: How today's youth navigate identity, intimacy, and imagination in a digital world. New Haven, London: Yale University Press.
Grimm, Petra; Müller, Michael (Hrsg.) (2014): SocialMania. Medien, Politik und die Privatisierung der Öffentlichkeiten (= Reihe Medienethik, Band 13). Stuttgart: Steiner.
Grimm, Petra; Zöllner, Oliver (Hrsg.) (2012): Schöne neue Kommu­nikations­welt oder Ende der Privat­heit? Die Ver­öffent­lichung des Priva­ten in Social Media und populären Medien­formaten (= Reihe Medienethik, Band 11). Stuttgart: Steiner.
International Review of Information Ethics, Vol. 22 (2014): "Ethics for the Internet of Things" [Download hier].
Lanier, Jaron (2013): Who owns the future? New York, London: Simon & Schuster.
Meyer-Schönberger, Viktor; Cukier, Kenneth (2013): Big data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
Morozov, Evgeny (2013): To save everything, click here: The folly of technological solutionism. New York: Public Affairs.
Zöllner, Oliver (Hrsg.) (2015): #Neuland #Individuum #Gesellschaft. Ethik in einer digitali­sierten Welt. Sechs Fall­studien. Stuttgart: Hoch­schule der Medien [Seminarpublikation, eBook, ca. 66 MB].

Weitere Literatur finden Sie in der HdM-Bibliothek.
Internet: Das Institut für Digitale Ethik (IDE) der Hochschule der Medien: www.digitale-ethik.de, sein Twitter-Account @DigitaleEthik und sein YouTube-Kanal "Digitale Ethik TV".
• Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University (Chicago, USA): http://digitalethics.org.
• 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, U Twente, NL): http://ethicsandtechnology.eu
• International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE) am Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karsruhe): http://icie.zkm.de/
• Your Privacy Online: A Project of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, USA): http://www.scu.edu/ethics-center/privacy/index.cfm
...und wie der mediatisierte Alltag 2030 aussehen könnte, lässt sich als Szenario in einer Broschüre nachlesen, die die Ergebnisse einer Think Tank-Lehrveranstaltung am Institut für Digitale Ethik zusammenfasst:
• Ankerl, Birgit et al. (2014): Das Internet der Dinge. Der vernetzte Alltag im Jahr 2030. Stuttgart: HdM [Download hier].


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