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113417a Aktuelle Themen der Software-Technologie

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Studiengänge: Medieninformatik (Bachelor, 7 Semester), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Aktuelle Themen der Software-Technologie in Semester 3 4 6 7
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Sprache: Deutsch
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Umfang: 4 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 5
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Journal Club on Concurrency and Parallelism

Now what is a journal club? It means that for this course:
  • You will read the literature for each session in advance
  • There will be a test at the beginning of every session
  • The results will be discussed together
  • Open questions about the literature will be discussed together
  • There will be NO LECTURE in those sessions. If you don't read the literature, you won't learn at thing.
  • You will experience problems understanding the papers. This is OK for the first sessions
  • You will learn to better understand the papers and discover the critical sections (which usually become questions for the tests (:-))
  • You will learn to ask questions about papers
  • You will participate in a workshop on concurrency and parallelism, together with the industry. (One Friday afternoon)
  • At the end of the journal club, you should have learned two things: First, a lot about current concepts and technologies for multicore programming. Second, how to really use papers to get an understanding of advanced engineering topics. Note WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do not have the time to read the papers (and some are quite lengthy), please do NOT participate in this course. You will simply drop out after 3 sessions, as you won't understand a thing being discussed. Last time 36 students started and after a short time became 18, which finished successfully. We will be using two books: The Art of Multiprocessor Programming by Maurice Herlihy and Nir Shavit. And the seminal "Computer Architecture, a quantitative approach by John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson. It would not hurt to order them from an Indian Bookstore at a good price...
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