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UX Lab

HdM Stuttgart/Kim Kreiser

Usability and User Experience Research Lab

The Usability and User Experience Research Lab (UX Lab) provides an environment which helps us to understand people and their way of using technology. Several observation systems allow us to analyze various usage situations and the user experience of our target groups Since we moved to the new building in Stuttgart Vaihingen the UX Lab has been renewed and greatly expanded. Now the new Lab offers three rooms: one room for observation, supervison and audio-video-record control and two study rooms, where we are able to two perform two studies simultaneously.

Test rooms
The study rooms are equipped each with three remotely controlled ceiling-mounted cameras. The cameras capture the whole room so our study set-up is not limited to one stationary location but can be freely moved through the room. Furthermore we provide furnishings for various study scenarios, (e.g. office, living-room, group discussion), video conference equipment, video projectors, various Test-PCs and television screens. Additionally the Test-PCs are placed on rolling tables and can easily be moved from one room to the other.

Our lab provides the following technical equipment:

  • Remote, Monitor-based eye tracking system (Tobii T60XL)
  • Wearable (head-mounted), mobile eye tracking system (Tobii Glasses)
  • Specialized software for behavior analysis (Observer)
  • Specialized mimic analysis software for emotion tracking support (Noldus Face Reader, 5.1)
  • Brain Computer Interface Emotiv EPOC, wireless EEG system
  • Software for quantitative research (e.g. SPSS) and qualitative research (ATLAS.ti)
  • Miscellaneous equipment (several tablet computer, wearable computers etc.)
Soon the lab will be equipped with physiological measuring instruments (EMG, skin conductance response/galvanic skin response, electrocardiogram/Pulse) and a new multitouch display wall.

Observation studio
We can control and observe the study from our observation room. There are two control areas with a 47-inch HD control monitor, a camera control module and an audio control unit. Via network a live stream can be transmitted to other conference rooms were visitors are able to observe the study.

The UX Lab helps us to understand our target groups and to develop technology which is designed around our users needs.