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22448 German Society & Culture*)

Zuletzt geändert:02.09.2019 / von Carlsburg
Sprache: Englisch
Art: S
Umfang: 2 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 2
Workload: 12 Wochen á 3 SWS
Prüfungsform: KMP
Bemerkung zur Veranstaltung: *) für Angehörige aller VESPA-Partnerhochschulen geöffnet
Beschreibung: Course Content (subject to alterations):
    Educational system
      Social matters
        Political parties system
          German economy and the working life
            Religion in Germany
              Life beyond the norm
                Ecological awareness
                  German a modern language with a history
                    Social commitment in civil society
                    English Title: „German Society & Culture“ for International Students
                    English Abstract: In this course central aspects of German society, culture, politics and the educational sys-tem are covered. Moreover, we will talk about the European Union and its aim to foster cultural diversity within Europe. For the German context, the federal political system is of great importance for the understanding of German politics with its influence of the regions (Bundesländer). If possible, central aspects of German culture are illustrated by referring to examples of architecture, museums, memorials etc. In this course, you will obtain useful information about the diverse topics we cover, but you are also asked to answer questions and to participate actively in classroom discussions. Your different cultural background and your personal experiences in Germany or other countries around the globe will help to make our discussions engaging and fruitful.
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