Impression Management auf Social Media

Idealisierte und authentische Selbstpräsentation auf Instagram

Instagram is often referred to as a platform that allows users to present themselves in an idealized way by editing content. At the same time, the desire for authentic role models on social media is getting stronger and more popular. Based on current research this bachelor’s thesis offers a review of the motives that might motivate these different kinds of self-presentation and the tools that Instagram offers users in this context. The possibilities for self-enhancement, interaction with a large audience of strangers and the possibilities for exploring and constructing the self are identified as primary drivers for idealized self-presentation on Instagram. The platform offers a variety of tools that favor a strategic selection and editing of content, such as Filters and Planning-Tools. The psychological benefits associated with authenticity and self-verification as well as current trends on Instagram are identified as important motives for authentic self-presentation. Possible tools include actively emphasizing one’s own authenticity, owning a private account and ephemeral content like Instagram-Stories.

In summary it can be said that research shows that authentic and idealized impression management can often be competing motives, even though they are not mutually exclusive.

Keywords: Impression Management, Instagram, Social Media, Self-Presentation, Authenticity, Idealization

Autoren: Maas, Laura Tamina / Weißhaupt, Michael
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Laura Tamina Maas
Prof. Dr. Michael Weißhaupt  Elektronische Visitenkarte
New Work, Algorithmen & KI im Recruiting, Impression Management & Social Media
Studiendekan Medien- und Wirtschaftspsychologie (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
Professor für Human Resource Management. Schwerpunkte: Eignungsdiagnostik, Arbeits- u. Organisationspsychologie, Leadership & Professional Development
Medien- und Wirtschaftspsychologie (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
Fakultät Electronic Media
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Michael Weißhaupt

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